ICF Advance 2018

Who do you want to be as a coach? How can you leverage the ICF Core Competencies to build collaborative, transformative relationships with your clients? What can you do to drive meaningful changes that impact individuals, organizations, communities and the world?

These are just a few of the questions that were explored during ICF Advance 2018: The Coach, The Client, The Impact which was held October 22 – November 9, 2018.

ICF and event provocateur Ann Betz, PCC, presented three weeks of powerful virtual education designed to help you connect theory to practice and take your coaching to the next level—wherever you are in your professional journey.

With a variety of session formats and topics including emotional intelligence, change management and resilience, ICF Advance 2018 will deepen your knowledge of coaching science and inspire you to evolve your coaching practice. ICF is offering a total of 15.48 CCE units (11.49 in Core Competencies and 3.99 in Resource Development) for this event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

OnDemand Information

How will I access the OnDemand sessions, live webinars, recordings and resources for the event?

The week of October 15, 2018, ICF will send you details on how to access the sessions and materials through our web based virtual learning portal.  This will be the location where you access all content for the virtual event.  If you do not receive an email with the connection information by October 19, 2018 at 5 p.m. (New York), please contact Ashley Pak at [email protected]

How long will I have access to the session recordings and materials?

You will have access to most of this content indefinitely through the web based virtual learning portal.  If a recording is only available for a certain period of time, the date will be noted specifically on the platform.

Contents and Credits

How many Continuing Coach Education Units will this event be worth?

ICF Advance 2018 will offer 15.48 total CCE units (11.49 in Core Competencies and 3.99 in Resource Development).  Please visit the Session Descriptions page for more detailed information.

How will I obtain credits for participating in the event?

Your participation in each session will be tracked through the web based virtual learning portal that will host each session.  Each session may have unique learning checkpoints depending on your participation.  Details will be shared on the platform once it becomes available for attendees.

Your credits will be recorded on your personalized transcript within the virtual learning portal.  This transcript will be your proof of attendance and completion when you submit your ICF Credential Renewal Application.  We will provide specific details on accessing this transcript during the virtual event.

Can I obtain CCE units if I watch the recording?

Yes. Each session will include a learning checkpoint that you will complete to confirm that you viewed the video, this allows all recordings to retain the same CCE unit value as the live session. For example: If you cannot attend the live session, “Integration Conversation: Beyond Presence” on October 23, you can watch the recording of this session (the recording will be posted within 48 hours after the live session concludes) and still claim the same credit value of 0.5 Core Competencies/1 Resource Development. Please note that that you cannot claim credit for the same session twice. If you attend the live session and watch the recording, you can only claim credit for the session once.

Where can I find more information about the sessions and presenters?

For session descriptions, please visit this page. For speaker bios, please visit this page.

Where can I find a schedule of the sessions?

You can find a schedule outline in the accordion above.

What are the session formats?

Bookend Session: In the opening session, the ICF Advance Provocateur, Ann Betz will present a clear and compelling map for coaches on how their work can help and contribute to personal, interpersonal, and group success. Many themes from this session will be carried on throughout the following sessions to help attendees consider the new subject matter presented and how it can be applied for them.

Exploration Session: In these informative sessions, a subject matter expert will present details about an evidence-based theory related to coaching.

Integration Conversation: In these practical sessions, the Exploration Session subject matter expert will join the ICF Advance Provocateur and attendees to discuss the application of the earlier presented evidence-based theory.

Spark Session: In these stimulating sessions, a subject matter expert will present emerging trends related to coaching that will inspire and invoke new perspectives.

Collaborative Conversation: In these synergetic sessions, subject matter experts from two Spark Sessions will join ICF Advance Provocateur and attendees for a discussion around their trends and how it can impact coaches and the community.

Bookend Session: In the final session of the virtual event, ICF Advance Provocateur, Ann Betz, will review some of the key learnings from the sessions. Practical applications as well as inspiration to continue the deeper exploration as a coach and contributor to the community around you will be discussed.

Other Questions

For other questions, please contact Ashley Pak at [email protected].


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